Tech Nerd – Not

Or maybe…  While waiting to be inspired about my next quilting project I decided to spend some time tidying up and organizing my various devices.  I became a huge fan of all things Apple, after inheriting a used MacBook in 2008. I upgraded that laptop a couple of years ago to a MacBook Air and I love it.  My other toys are Apple and I’ve been ok with them, but frustrated that I’d not taken the time to learn about all of their capabilities.

I use the Photos app all the time and I still get excited when I take a picture with my phone and then find that, through iCloud, that photo ends up on my iPad and my laptop!  Simple pleasures, right?  This week I’ve also synced the iCalendar app and am considering doing away with a hard copy DayTimer for 2017. On a roll, I tackled the Mail app and can now send and receive email on all my devices.  I know, it really wasn’t hard, I just hadn’t taken the time to figure it out.

Photo below is of a painting that my Mom did recently.  Mom, 90 years young, has just purchased an iPhone and is having fun (???) figuring it out.  She loves the camera and the dictionary app.  However, I don’t think that Mom will ever abandon the old school reference materials.  Mom’s motto might be similar to that of The North Face outfitters – “Never Stop Exploring”.


Finally, I’ve been wanting to make some minor changes to the blog. WordPress is great, but sometimes the seemingly limitless options scare me and I choose to leave well enough alone; not this time!  From the Home page, open “What’s the Buzz…” Some of the text has been changed.  Also,  towards  the end of that page I’ve added some navigation tips and descriptions of everything you’ll find on the Home page.  Please take a look around, I hope you like the changes.

Thanks for reading.


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