“What’s the buzz…

…tell me what’s a happenin’.”  Do you remember that line from the musical Jesus Christ Superstar?  What a great soundtrack – it’s right up there with Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Top Gun and The Little Mermaid.

Three years ago I kept a blog, Samosa Sojourn, as a way of keeping in touch with family and friends while on a trip through India with my husband, Blake, and two dear friends, Greg and Laura Dowell.  I enjoyed sharing news, thoughts, and photos and knew that I wanted to try blogging again.

Thread on Thread is my blog about quilting, sewing, making – projects I’ve made, beautiful and intriguing things that have caught my eye and ideas for future creations.  But wait, there’s a whole other sporty side to this blogger.  I love to run, swim and cycle.  I’ve completed three Ironman races, many short-distance triathlons, three marathons and several shorter distance running races.  So don’t be surprised to see posts about my active life.


The blog title Thread on Thread came from an Indian guide who was trying to sell us some embroidered shirts.  He kept describing the intricate ‘tread on tread’.  Finally we realized that he was saying ‘thread on thread’.  Seems appropriate for a blog that is mainly sewing related!

I hope you’ll find it easy to navigate Thread on Thread.  Along the top ‘Home’ will take you back to the most recent post.  “What’s the Buzz…” will bring you to this welcome page.  ‘Quilts – Their Stories’ will take you to blog posts that describe individual quilts.  You may have already read these posts when they were first published, but this makes it easier to go back to a particular quilt without having to scan the archives.

On the right side is ‘Social’ where you can follow my posts on Instagram.  Then there’s an ‘Archives’, which contains all of the blog posts, month by month.  ‘Finished Projects’ is a gallery.  Click on any photo to open and scroll through.  ‘Tags’ are prompts that will take you to any post that contains or is about the ‘tagged’ subject. ‘Quilting and Sewing Reads’ are, well, quilting and sewing blogs.  Click on the name to open the link.   Likewise for ‘Wordy Stuff’ except they’re language related blogs.

There is a spot to comment, titled ‘Reply’.  You’ll find it above the beginning of each post. Comments and questions are always welcome.

Thanks for reading and welcome to Thread on Thread.