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Saturday is kind of a ‘wordy’ day for me as it’s the day that I tackle the cryptic crossword in the National Post.  There are cryptic puzzles throughout the week, but I like the one constructed by Henry Rathvon and Emily Cox. Sometimes I can crack it in one sitting, usually I work at it throughout the week.

On the topic of words and language, I’ve been thinking about the abbreviations that have worked their way into my speech and writing.  For example, in my sewing room right now I have two UFO’s, several WIP’s and I’m about to start some FMQ on one of the WIP’s!   The UFO’s are UnFinished Objects.  They differ from WIP’s (Works In Progress) in that they’re tucked away and haven’t seen action for several months.  I really am working on the WIP’s.  The FMQ,(Free Motion Quilting), will get me very close to finishing one of those projects.  And, when I’m in need of supplies, I’ll check out my LQS, or Local Quilt Shop.

Abbreviations come into play in my sporty life too.  Recently I signed up to race in the Ironman triathlon 70.3 race in Victoria in June.  The distance is one-half of a full Ironman race, (140.6 miles), but instead of calling it a ‘half Ironman’, it is often referred to as a 70.3.  Training has begun and that means it’s time to focus on my DPS, RPM and to throw in a weekly LSD run.  DPS is Distance Per Stroke.  Swimming is all about technique and greater DPS means fewer strokes, which equals less fatigue.  RPM is for the bike and it is the number of Revolutions Per Minute the crank is turned.  The LSD run has nothing to do with psychedelic drugs!  Rather it’s a Long Slow Distance run, which is now 10 km, but will build to 20 km in the spring.

I love words and language.  And right now I’m going to exchange today’s WIP for the cryptic crossword and a cold beer.

Bye for now.




A Grand Day



Last night we had our final big meal of the holiday season – a beautiful standing rib roast with Yorkshire Puddings and all the trimmings.  That meant today’s slate was free.  I could do whatever I wanted, or I could choose to do nothing at all.  The latter isn’t my style so I mixed it up a bit.

I went for a lovely run alongside the ocean, early enough that I saw only two cars.  It was just 6km and maybe cancelled out 1/2 of a Yorkshire Pudding.  I spent some time on the cryptic crossword and made good progress.

Then I hit my sewing room for an hour or two of stitching while our son hung a quilt rack on the wall.  I’m working on a Postage Stamp Quilt, made entirely of 1 inch squares.  The first 16 square inch block is now complete.  It’s a perfect project to pick up whenever I feel like sewing, but don’t want to tackle something intricate or complicated.

Now it’s getting dark and it’s time to turn on the Christmas lights for the final time this season.  Onwards to new adventures in 2016.