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It’s a Dog’s Life

This has nothing to do with quilting or sewing or creating anything, but it kind of called to me today.

We have an eight year old Chocolate Lab, named Tug.  Tug is our second Chocolate Lab and we got him as a pup six months after Chip succumbed to a number of diseases, at just 10 years old.  Chip was of the larger Labrador breed, can’t remember if that’s American or English, but there is a difference.  In our two Labs the difference is about 30 pounds.

We fought hard against having a dog at the same time as having two school-age children and a husband with a very busy work/travel schedule.  But, every night, for what seemed like forever, our daughter, Brooke, would ask for a dog and we were finally worn down.

I haven’t done any research on Chocolate Labs, so my observations are purely anecdotal.  These are lovely, fun, loyal and social dogs and our two have shown human-like tendencies.  Chip learned to move the chair away from the table so that he could climb up and join us at the table.  As a family, we got used to this; any guests were shocked to be sharing the dining table with a 90-pound dog.

While both dogs loved visitors/mailman/canvassers, Chip was more aloof than Tug and he would seek out his crate for quiet.  Tug seems to need to be around people all the time.  He is usually under foot in the kitchen and is always glued to our sides if we start packing to go away.  He has mastered the ’emo’ expression.  We’re sure he’s thinking ‘I’m so sad, are they going to leave me, I don’t see my things packed yet, don’t forget me.’

Tug began this lovely day with a long walk through the forest to a local lake, coming home along the beach.  Then he lay on his puffy bed for several hours while we pulled weeds.  Right now he’s having a little nap and then he and I are meeting a new ‘girl dog’ and her dog Mom for an after-dinner stroll.

Here’s a little gallery of Tug pictures, with one of Chip – face on with yellow bandana.  Click on photo to enlarge.

I’m not sure about reincarnation; if it’s a real thing then I know what I want to be when I come back.