Start To Finish #5 – Quilting

I wasn’t going to write any more posts about this project until it was all done.  However, today was such a great day that I just had to share.  Let me back up a few days to last Wednesday.  I made use of our large kitchen island to pin the top, batting and backing together.  The quilt right now is approximately 84″ x 90″ and I needed 400+ pins to pin baste it together.  That’s about 2 hours of pinning!

While I was buying the pins, I picked up a spool of Superior King Tut thread in colour ‘Sunflowers’.  I’d planned to go safe dull, and use grey thread, but when I saw this variegated yellow I just knew it was the one.  It’s so cheery!

The other day I read someone’s blog post, (can’t remember whose), and there were terrific instructions on how to quilt something so large on a domestic sewing machine.  I followed that method and it was a breeze.  My machine loves the Superior thread and there were no tension issues – for me or for the machine.

Because the quilt is so linear I wanted the quilting to be curvy and decided to try a paisley pattern.  After practicing on a small sample, it was time for the real thing.  It took a while to get into the groove and lots of the paisleys look, well, not like paisleys, but they’re fine. The quilting is one-quarter done and it’s really been fun.  Honestly, if it hadn’t gotten too dark in the sewing room, I’d be up there all night long.  Here’s a sneak preview:


Thanks for reading!


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