The Girlfriend Quilt – Part Two

On January 11 I wrote a post called  The Girlfriend Quilt, which describes a project that I undertook with my two oldest, longest-running gal pals.  Today’s post is about another long-term friend and I’m writing it today in honour of her recent achievement – the successful defense of her Masters’ thesis and the completion of her MA at UBC.

Spring and I met in the fall of 1975, in a first year French Language class at UVic.  We hit it off immediately and a wonderful friendship was born.  We swam and lifeguarded together.  We shared all kinds of adventures, some serious but most were pretty goofy.  Our lives took different directions for several years; fortunately we reconnected in Vancouver in 1997.

Spring’s list of accomplishments is long; take a moment to get to know her by clicking on this link: about Spring. I’ve added Spring’s blog, Compost Diaries, to my list of ‘Great Reads’ on the right side of the blog.

I wanted to make something special for Spring, to recognize both her achievement and our friendship.  What better way than to bring out the Girlfriend Quilt pattern, it’s such fun!  I chose cream for the background as I felt it was pretty safe and it seems to set off the many colours in the squares.  Then I went in search of fabric that had significance – things that Spring likes, or things that we’ve done together.  I found coffee, chocolate, cheese, French words, shoes, whales and bicycles. My favourite was one that I ordered from Spoonflower Fabrics.  It’s a woman in a bathing cap and goggles, doing breaststroke in a pool.  Perfect for all of our swimming memories. The quilt backing is white, with flecks of teal, tan, green and dark brown.  The binding is dark brown and the quilting is simple diagonal lines, about 2″ apart.

It was a pleasure to make this quilt and surprise Spring with it in November, 2014.  She seemed to love it, and I hope you do too!





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