Craft Faire

It’s crunch time as I’m now 21 hours away from the opening of the Denman Island Christmas Craft Faire. Set up starts in a couple of hours and everything is by the front door, ready to be loaded into the car.  Jean Cockburn, a Denman artist extraordinaire, is my partner in crime for this venture and it’s been great fun getting ready.

I haven’t done anything like this in almost 25 years and I’d forgotten the excitement, apprehension, doubt and plain hard work that comes with getting ready to put one’s work on display.  I wonder if I have enough of the right items and whether the prices are appropriate.  I like what I’ve made, shouldn’t everyone else like it too?

Here’s a quick look at a few of the items that will be available this weekend.  If you’re in the neighbourhood, please drop by!


Lined drawstring bags


Set of placemats


‘Good Morning’ hanging


‘mmm Cherry Pie’ hanging



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